Why, hello there

Who am I?

Ah, stop asking idiotic questions, who I am doesn't matter. What you need to ask yourself here tonight is... Who are you? And I don't mean what does your carnal enveloppe look like, or who your parents are. I mean, once you are stripped of all your inhibitions, once you are at the very front of yourself, not through a mirror but by looking into your soul, who do you see?

So often, we are granted the possibility to close our eyes upon ourselves, to absolve ourselves of all our sins, because, when god forgives, isn't it just you deciding it wasn't so bad after all? So often, we choose, again and again, to see the good, the pretty, the positive, despite some of us wanting to be dark and gruesome. I'm not asking violence of you, only the required honesty to face yourself and see not the Man but the Monster, not the hand that feeds but the hammer and nail.

May your stay here be pleasant.